Living With Limits – Catastrophe Awaits

Chemical & Engineering News (C&EN) is excellent the weekly glossy news magazine of the American Chemical Society, the largest scientific society in the world. Rudy Baum, the editor-in-chief, is outspoken on many issues that affect all of us broadly, not just the chemical enterprise. His recent editorial, Living With Limits, elicited the following Catastrophe Awaits letter in response. I encourage you to read the letter (and more) by clicking the image below, whence you can also link to the original editorial. No doubt there are enormous changes coming in the next few decades that will affect all of us and our offspring, and there is much we can do to mitigate the pain and suffering for the most vulnerable. In the words of Captain Boyle, “Th’ whole worl’s in a terrible state o’ chassis,” (Juno and the Paycock) so we’d better extrayons le digit (get the finger out). Please come and join us!

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May 11, 2009

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