China Marks First Anniversary of Deadly Earthquake | Online NewsHour | PBS

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This is a great segment from the NewsHour on PBS. I recommend both the Streaming Video segment (8 minutes) and the two related links which include a slide show with commentary (3 minutes). Some 90,000 people died in this earthquake, and countless others remain in cramped, makeshift conditions as reconstruction progresses. Check it out . . . . .

Slide Show

NPR Reporter Revisits China One Year After Earthquake

Man surveys photos before and after the earthquake. Photo: Andrea Hsu/NPRA 7.9 magnitude earthquake battered China‘s Sichuan province on May 12, 2008. A year later, National Public Radio‘s Melissa Block and photographer Andrea Hsu revisited some families to report on their progress recovering from the quake.

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ResourceChina Earthquake: A Year of Recovery [NPR]
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