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    We are not simply a non-profit organization. We are a movement; a movement of people who have at heart the betterment of our planet using chemistry.

    You can join the 1000+ members and volunteers spread across the globe. Together, sharing our passion for science and humanitarian work, we will grow in knowledge and expertise to improve the living and working conditions in various communities around the world.

    We strive to develop social enterprise leaders as well as promote the self-development of our volunteers and members. At the same time, your knowledge, skills, expertise and moral support are essential to the success and growth of our organization.

    When joining Chemists Without Borders you benefit from:

    • A community of like-minded individuals
    • Opportunities to develop your own projects and ideas
    • Opportunities for collaborations
    • Opportunities to volunteer
    • Development of your skillset
    • Making tangible improvements using your knowledge and skills
    • Boosting your career options

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    So do you echo our mission and vision?

    Do you have a burning passion to be a change-maker? Join us!

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