Thank you to Chemists Without Borders followers and supporters!

Dear Subscribers to, Members of and Volunteers for Chemists Without Borders

Thank you for your interest in and work for Chemists Without Borders and our mission of solving humanitarian problems by mobilizing the resources and expertise of the global chemistry community and its networks. You are part of that network, and CWB appreciates your contributions.

It’s been an exciting year of growth for Chemists Without Borders. We have a new website better able to illustrate our work; experienced senior staff working hard to develop strategies and implement programming, new and continuing programming, and a reinvigorated board guiding all of these efforts.  Most importantly, we are continually receiving requests to join from new volunteers. Thank you for considering spending your time working for humanitarian causes!

We look forward to an even more eventful 2024. Our Safe Water Initiative will expand our work dealing with arsenic in drinking water to include more places and other contaminants. That work will include addressing the forever chemicals known as PFAS (perfluoroalkyl and polyfluoroalkyl substances). We will continue to build a clearinghouse for science educational opportunities, and develop an online community devoted to activities that help reduce and/or ameliorate the effects of global climate change.

We invite you to continue on the journey with us, through continuing your subscription, membership or volunteer activities, encouraging others to do the same, and, if you can, help our cause with a monetary donation. 100% of those tax-deductible donations will go to programming.

To all, we wish you safe and healthy holidays and a Happy New Year.


The Chemists Without Borders team.

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