Month: June 2008

Annan Discusses Food Aid and the Alliance for a Green Revolution in Africa | June 11, 2008 | PBS

“Annan: World Must Help African Nations Tackle Food Crisis “Fuel costs and supply shortages have caused a spike in food prices across Africa — prompting calls for an agricultural revolution on the continent. Former U.N. chief Kofi Annan discusses efforts to address the crisis.” Please watch the video here.

Web Tools Help to Reshape ’08 Campaign Trail

This NewsHour segment is a great review of the impact of the Information Age on current affairs. While it specifically refers to the impact on the US presidential election, the implications are broad and apply to the building of our own Chemists Without Borders community. Please check this out. You can watch the video, listen …

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Green auto advertising in Britain

Choice quote: “But the ad agencies argue their work has a minimal role in persuading people to buy a new car, raising the question of why car companies take up so much space in magazines.” Either the advertisers are really bad at their jobs, or they haven’t watched the Superbowl… ELMO