Month: July 2009

Quote of the day re: OPEC

I thought this was well said: …But what the bloc’s members seem to keep forgetting, he said, is that “the Stone Age didn’t end because the world ran out of stones, but because there were viable alternatives.” Click the title for the link to the story. ELMO

Chemists Without Borders has moved!

Hi, Everybody, Sorry to have been gone for so long. Chemists Without Borders has a new mailing address and phone numbers, shown near the top of the left column under the Donate button (which, of course, we encourage you to use often). Peace, Bego

Biomass Chemicals: From Green Plants to Chemistry, by Mitch Jacoby

Look Inside >> July 6, 2009 Chemicals from the Garden: Advances in Biomass Chemistry transform plant matter to valuable chemicals. I recommend this 3-page update on an important area of development. Another aspect of importance here is emphasized in Mr Jacoby’s opening sentence: “Sound scientific ideas sometimes lie in limbo for decades until some event, …

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Liver function and acetaminophen….

Image via Wikipedia I was just reading an interesting article on a potential dialysis for the liver in acute cases, and ran across this (From SFGate): “About 28,000 Americans die each year of chronic liver disease, according to U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. The cause is often the result of alcohol abuse or …

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