A recent email from Lynn Geldof, Regional Advisor of UNICEF:

From Lynn Geldof, lgeldof@unicef.org, UNICEF, 5/18/05:

Right, well to be honest, the NGO (non-governmental organization) world is a different beast and all I know is you have to be a registered charity. What that involves, I cannot say at all. I am sure Chemists without Borders (Pharmaciens Sans Frontieres) will elucidate on all these matters and more. It’s a brilliant notion, though.

UNICEF is the world’s leading procuring agency for vaccines for kids…if that’s of any use to you.

Good luck with it and keep me posted.



Please see Lynn’s Tajikistan Diaries, for the background reference on Chemists Without Borders.

This letter is a result of CWB trying to make sure that we weren’t duplicating another organization. I’ve been told that, in Britain, Pharmacists are called “Chemists”…. so the translation of the French group “Pharmaciens Sans Frontieres” became “Chemists Without Borders.” So I hope we have covered all of our bases here.

By the way, the “brilliant notion” she was referring to is the concept of a Chemists Without Borders. Let’s hope others think so too!

And if her name sounds familiar, her brother has been in the news recently, too.


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