Undo your CO2 emissions

I came across this very interesting site (Terrapass). It allows consumers to compensate for their automobiles’ CO2 emissions by paying for an equivalent amount of energy from a non-polluting source. There is also an affiliate program. I’m wondering whether we should promote the program on our website, inviting users to become affiliates, sending their revenues back to Chemists Without Borders to support the work. What do you think?


0 thoughts on “Undo your CO2 emissions”

  1. WHAT A BUNCH OF SELF-FLGELATING CRAP! Not only they expect me to fell guity for driving my gas-gussling, CO2 spewing, Hummer2, wiTch I can afford, and the gas to go with it, too, BUT THEY WANT ME TO PAY FOR MY GUILT, TOO! The owner of that website owns an SUV… HOW HIPOCRITICAL CAN YOU GET?

  2. “The lady doth protest too much, methinks.” Whether one feels guilty is entirely one’s own responsibility and choice, as is “driving my gas-gussling, CO2 spewing, Hummer2” (sic). Terrapass merely offers a means of compensating for CO2 emissions if one chooses to. What exactly is unreasonable, unfair, or undesirable about that, dare I ask?

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