Understanding Social Styles, and Why It Matters

Chemists Without Borders holds open conference calls twice a month (see here for details), in which I encourage you to participate. This Thursday at 6 PM PDT, we will start a discussion of social styles and how understanding them can have amazing results. Whether we are chemists or not, much of what we do involves communication and interaction with others. This is especially true for Chemists Without Borders. We are as much in a people business as anything else. Therefore, understanding how best to communicate with different types of people is essential.

Have you ever noticed how highly analytical people and highly expressive people seem not to understand each other as well as they do people of their own style? The same is true of amiable people and those who are strong drivers. To communicate well with others, we must ensure that we broadcast on the same wavelengths that they are receiving. Our discussion will examine the four basic social styles, how to identify them in ourselves and others, and how best to relate to the various types. If you are unfamiliar with this topic, I think you’ll find it fascinating and quite useful.

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