The local factor, Open Access, Alliance for Taxpayer Access

Two separate open access-related topics:

The local factor: the ideal is for every community everywhere to have the means and the expertise to lead any CWB initiatives in their own area, even if occasional assistance from outside is needed. There is a long way to go to get from here to there. To develop the local expertise, education is necessary. Open access is an important component. In order to teach, especially at higher and research levels, it is necessary to have the resources. In a nutshell, this is why it makes a great deal of sense for CWB to support open access.

CWB has joined the Alliance for Taxpayer Access, a U.S.-based group that aims to make results of research funded by Americans open access.

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  1. I disagree that CWB should be involved with open access, either “for” or “against”. This doesn’t seem to relate what I view as the goal for this group, which is more of a charity group that brings chemistry technology to areas that need it. Similar to Doctors without borders, or Engineers without borders. In an earlier post about Engineers without borders, EWB said the best approach would be to focus on completing a project.
    All this open access stuff just seems like a diversion to me. The “in a nutshell” explanation for why CWB should support open access seems very tenuous to me, and well beyond the capabilities of this group to bring about. I would rather CWB followed EWB’s advice and focused on successfully completing a few projects.

  2. hi Mark – I also am in agreement that CWB should focus on chemistry projects.

    Bringing chemistry technology to areas that don’t have it, means bringing knowledge about chemistry to these areas. Open access does that.

    Without focusing on open access at all, CWB could do much to help with simply supporting open access in principle, and educating people about OA. This should be less of a focus than the actual projects, of course, so I’ll be writing much less about OA for the time being.

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