Tapping the Sun: Africa

Earth at night: Compare Africa with the industrialized and industrializing nations. No lights except in a few spots. No electricity. See also Energy key to Africa’s prosperity.

Then see the cover story in C&EN, August 27, 2007, Volume 85, Number 35, pp. 16-22, “Tapping The Sun: Basic chemistry drives development of new low-cost solar cells”. One thing Africa has is plenty of sunshine.

  • What are the opportunities for implementing solar technologies in Africa?
  • What would it take to have solar technologies manufactured in Africa instead of imported, so the profits go to Africa?

We are increasingly dependent upon electricity. Even paper towel dispensers in many public toilets in the US have infra-red sensors and are electrically powered (none of that manual stuff for us). How can Africa become a serious participant and competitor in the world marketplace without electricity? In the meantime, profits from Africa’s resources go mostly to others.

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