Systemic Approach to Teaching and Learning

An announcement from Professor Fahmy:

Dear colleagues-

We are pleased to be able to announce the availability of the official Systemic Approach to Teaching and Learning (SATL) website; the website is called “SATL Central.”[] . As you may know, SATL techniques have been successfully applied to a wide spectrum of disciplines, and those reports have been published in a number of places, some of which may not readily be available. This SATL website incorporates a database of such reports that could be useful to colleagues of CCE.We should appreciate receiving notice you may find and any contribution in the area of SATL and its application.


Professor A. M. F.Fahmy
Professor of Chemistry
and Professor J. J. Lagowski
Professor of Chemistry and of Education

contact: or

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  1. Dear Students,

    Now in Pakistan in Karachi SATLC CLUB founded and im a member of this club. This approach really fantastic its really helps to understand the relationship between pure and applied chemistry and enhance thinking ability or u can say create a research thinking.
    any one can contact the co-ordinator of this club SIR IFTHIKAR IMAM NAQVI at HEJ IN UNIVERSITY OF KARACHI

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