Mussels make superglue?

Nature is so amazing. I heard about this topic on the radio last week and was curious to learn more about it. Even with all the technological advances we have made, humans still pale in comparison to what nature figured out a long time ago.  One such example is the fibers and adhesives that mussels use to attach themselves to objects in the sea.  Their ability to stick to wet surfaces is of particular interest as this may have potential application in medicine for wound closure due to surgery or injury.  This could even include surgeries to unborn babies.  Current chemical adhesives are no match for the salty, wet conditions of the human body. Mussel adhesives are so strong they are able to hold on during waves and storm currents making them a great example to study. Hmm…and here I was just thinking they were a seafood dish.  Check out this article to learn more.

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