Liver function and acetaminophen….

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I was just reading an interesting article on a potential dialysis for the liver in acute cases, and ran across this (From SFGate):

“About 28,000 Americans die each year of chronic liver disease, according to U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. The cause is often the result of alcohol abuse or Hepatitis C. There also can be other medical reasons. A much smaller number – about 2,000 people a year – go into acute liver failure without an underlying disease, the leading cause being an inadvertent overdose of acetaminophen…”

Personally, I use aspirin. Please be careful if you use acetaminophen.


The entire article on the artificial liver is here:

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  1. Has this page is much reason to be careful with taking acetaminophen since despite being a good drug abuse and excessive use can cause us many problems.

  2. Acetaminophen in doses of 4 g/d did not affect liver function of alcoholic patients in this randomized study.Medicines containing acetaminophen are available in many forms, including drops, syrups, capsules, and pills.

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