0 thoughts on “Interesting Argument About Global Warming”

  1. A nice simple argument that could easily be stated in less than nine minutes. That’s one flaw.

    Here’s the bigger problem with your grid argument: the grid gives the same answer for any theoretical threat or future uncertainty. To play devil’s advocate, let’s look at the threat of invading alien-vampire-zombies. You may laugh, but the grid method leads to one possible answer: we must act now!

    That being said, the argument to respond to global climate change is convincing on it’s merits. Thanks for spreading the word!

  2. Brilliantlly done. Where were you when I was in school? Anyone can understand this and see what we MUST do. Call it Insurance for the Planet/Insurance for Humanity. Thank you.

  3. Lower left box is wrong:

    It needs to include all of the upper left box and the lower right box, because you can spend all the money, and the depression can occur, and global warming may not be fixable by humans.

    Therefore, this argument holds no water.

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