IdeaConnection Projects Q&A call: 6pm PST July 17, 2014

Chemists Without Borders – IdeaConnection Projects Conference Call Agenda
Dates: July 17 6pm PST and ALSO on Aug 7th 2014 9am PST

Project Overview in Google Docs: CWB IdeaConnection Solutions  

Join a Team:
1) ACTIVE     8504 Cottage Industry Arsenic Removal (filter)  Sign Up for 8504
2) ACTIVE     8500 Arsenic Penny per Test  Sign Up for 8500
3) PENDING  8505 Water Treatment Tool Kit     Sign Up for 8505
4) PENDING  8502 eWaste (plan)  Sign Up for 8502
5) PENDING  8503 Water Testing Tool Kit  Sign Up for 8503 
Conference call AGENDA:
In this open conference call, Dr. Steve Chambreau, President of Chemists Without Borders, will give an update on the IdeaConnection solutionsprovided recently to Chemists Without Borders. This will detail the history of the IdeaConnection collaboration, including proposed challenges, the solution evaluation process, and the accepted solutions that we plan to move forward. We will discuss how to move these solutions forward and look for team members to help with this. Please see Newsletter #15 for more details. 

Thursday, July 17, 2014
Start Time:
06:00 PM Pacific Daylight Time
End Time:
06:55 PM Pacific Daylight Time
Dial-in Number:
1-626-677-3000 (West Coast)
Access Code:

If you are interested in learning more about the IdeaConnection solutions and how you can help Chemists Without Borders with listed challenges, please attend this conference call.

Louis J Ciabattoni
Vice President of Membership and Administration
Mobile: +1-650-255-2760      Skype/@Yahoo/@Google: CiabattoniLJ

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