Educational Gaming

Here is the information on the EduFrag project (using Unreal Tournament) you requested today at the conference call:

Here is an example of how it is used as a race in class.

I would be willing to help in putting together a maze on a topic relevant to CWB.


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  1. Jean-Claude,

    This looks fascinating. I am in process of applying to grad school to obtain a teaching cetification for secondary science and I can see where this type of educational tool would create an enhanced interest in chemistry (or any subject). Is there a map geared toward High School chemistry students?

  2. No, all the maps that exist are listed on the Wiki. The only chemistry maps are undergraduate organic, although the Lewis structure stuff is probably relevant. Creating new doors is really easy. All you have to do is create 256×256 pixel bitmaps (256 colors) of an image that is either true or false. Paint is very convenient for this. I could help you put together a 5 room map if you want. (5 true, 15 false bitmaps)

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