Here is an interesting article on eco-homes in Britain.

Are there any innovations like this here in the US?

It would be nice to have carbon-neutral homes. And I didn’t realize that cell phone chargers keep on using power even after the phone is charged?! Is this true? Does this happen for car battery chargers, too?

Food for thought. I’d like to hear your comments.

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  1. Strawbale houses have been built in the US in small quantities for 150yrs. They are gaining popularity again and are an effective way of building in an environmentally sound way. They provide a U-Value of 0.13 less than half of the current building regulation requirement in the UK. Straw is a waste product that now has a very useful application.

    All chargers use power when left plugged in with the switch on regardless of whether they are charging something or not. To reduce energy consumption it is best to always keep the switchs turned off. The Energy Advice Centres here in the UK have practical advice for reducing personal energy consumption. The Energy Saving Trust (EST) the Carbon Trust and others all provide good info on their websites.

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