Conversation with Sarah Chayes, former NPR correspondent about life in Afghanistan

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Once again, Sarah Chayes impresses with her down-to-earth understanding of life in Afghanistan and its relevance to the rest of the world (Charlie Rose, May 8, 2009). She emphasizes the current need for expertise and training to accelerate improvements in daily life and governance. There are many opporunities, therefore, for people to volunteer their time and expertise. This includes many disciplines not just chemistry. Whom can you rally to the cause? Bring them to Chemists Without Borders to establish productive teams identifying and addressing real problems.

Here’s a chemistry example: Among carpet-weavers who are being taught how to dye their own wool, there are few if any chemists, etc., advising on occupational health and safety, and on environmental impact. Frank Millsopp, Enterprise Manager at the Aga Khan Foundation, has a great set of slides of work they are doing in Afghanistan. Take a look at them and ask yourself, “How can I help?”, then contact us.

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