Chemistry Central: new open access website

BioMedCentral (BMC), the world’s largest open access publisher – today launched Chemistry Central, a new open access website currently featuring chemistry article from BMC journals, with plans to offer new open access chemistry journals, beginning with Chemistry Central Journal.

For CWB members from the research community, this is a wonderful opportunity to publish open access with a publisher who has already established impressive impact factors in the area of biomedicine, and ensuring that your research results are readily available to colleagues around the globe.

Would it make sense for CWB to consider creating its own peer-reviewed journal, perhaps?

More information, commentary and reactions can be found on today’s Open Access News.

2 thoughts on “Chemistry Central: new open access website”

  1. It might make sense to have a research focus relating to CWB projects, e.g. affordable approaches to a variety of problems in developing countries. Given our vision, an approach that would encourage participation by researchers in the developing world would make sense, and could also help us to develop global partnerships, too.

    In the short term, though, we don’t necessarily need to set up our own journal – see my next blogpost.

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