Bradley’s Open Notebook Science: Must-Read for Science Librarians

Chemists Without Border’s Jean-Claude Bradley recently did a presentation for my class at UBC on Open Notebook Science that has been called a must-read for science librarians. Chemists are sharing information openly, from every step of an experiment to sharing molecules on Chemspider. This can advance our knowledge much more rapidly, for example in Malaria which Jean-Claude’s group is working on; it also makes our knowledge available to everyone, making it possible for every Chemist with an internet connection to keep up to speed; this will make it easier for developing countries to create programs to teach new Chemists. For more details and the links, please see my post on The Imaginary Journal of Poetic Economics.

In other recent open access news, EBSCO has created a free database for environmental information called GreenFILE, which includes bibliographic information and a fair bit of full text, too. Congratulations and thanks to EBSCO.

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