An easy way to support FRPAA

Many thanks to CWB members who have inquired about how to support the Federal Research Public Access Act of 2006. Here is an easy – and fun – way to do this! Simply write a quick note of thanks and congratulations to the Senators for introducing this bill. We all tend to ignore our political leaders when things are going well, and speak up only when we are unhappy. Like the rest of, politicians need to know when they are getting it right, too!

Sample message:

Dear Senator_

Kudos for introducing (supporting) the Federal Research Public Access Act! As a member of Chemists Without Borders, I can assure you that making the results of federally funded research openly accessible will make a tremendous difference to the work of CWB volunteers, whether we are working in the field in developing countries, or helping to develop and support chemistry education, here in the U.S. or around the world.

To send these messages, go to:
Senator John Cornyn’s web site (co-introduced the bill)
Senator Joe Lieberman’s web site (co-introduced the bill)

Senator Jeff Sessions is the first co-sponsor of the bill; it wouldn’t hurt to thank him, as well.

If anyone would like more background or help with a more detailed thank-you, please contact me.

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