From Belgium via US to Cameroon

Denis (right) with teachers in computer room.

Chemists Without Borders president Bego Gerber believes that “The Power is in the Network”. 
A case in point: In January this year he sent me a quick e-mail telling me about Marijke De Vos from Belgium. She had participated in Chemists Without Borders bi-monthly call-ins and had mentioned that she raises money for a school project in Cameroon. Fast forward: In June I met her collaborator Denis Mudi Tanto in Bamenda/Cameroon. He took me to his village of Binshua (Nkambe) Donga Mantung Division Cameroon via an eight hour drive towards the Nigerian border. Denis arranged for me to pay a visit to SAMACCOLSchool Campus. Denis envisions collaborating with AIDSfreeAFRICA to establish a teaching chemistry laboratory. 
500 children received worm medicine and vitamin A
A campaign organized in time for my arrival provided micronutrients for over 500 children. I had an opportunity to pass on a donation of Worm medicine and vitamin A from Vitamin Angels/US to the St. Patrick Catholic Health Centre in Binshua. The continuity of this new program is ensured by connecting the Binshua health centers staff with AIDSfreeAFRICA country representative, Mr. Polycarp Nji fromEsu/Cameroon.
Marijke (left) and me (right) saying bye at train station
By July I had an opportunity to meet Marijke in Belgium. We proudly showed off our traditional Cameroonian dresses while Marijke’s husband prepared a delicious dinner for the entire extended family, who came to meet me. 
The future will tell what we can cook up together for the benefit of Binshua’s school children. 

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