Applying Chemistry to Solve Humanitarian Problems Worldwide

Chemists Without Borders Helps solve humanitarian problems by mobilizing resources and expertise of the global chemistry community and its networks

Chemists Without Borders is a nonprofit 501(c)(3) and equal opportunity organization.
A hundred percent of donations go to serve humanitarian needs.

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Our Story

Reading the article “Carbohydrate Vaccines”, published in Chemical & Engineering News on August 9, 2004, Dr. Bego Gerber was appalled that there was an outstanding vaccine against typhoid fever sitting on the shelf unutilized at the National Institutes of Health while as many as 21 million people around the world have this terrible disease. This prompted a letter to the editor suggesting the creation of Chemists Without Borders to bring an end to such maldistribution.

Dr. Steven Chambreau responded to this letter, and although the pair had never met, they decided to pursue the development of Chemists Without Borders as a global humanitarian organization to utilize chemistry and mobilize chemists and their networks to solve humanitarian challenges.

Our Mission

Chemists Without Borders solves humanitarian problems by mobilizing the resources and expertise of the global chemistry community and its networks.

Our Gifts to Humanity


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To Know More

"Mobilizing Chemistry Expertise to Solve Humanitarian Problems" book published

In cooperation with the American Chemical Society, Chemists Without Borders wrote a two-volume book published by Oxford University Press. It expands on 2016 ACS symposium discussions and informs readers of current work applying chemistry to benefit underrepresented communities. Hardbound copies of the two volumes are available, Volume 1 and Volume 2.

We were also selected for one of the “Quotes of the Year” by Chemical & Engineering News:

Interact With Us

Assuring Water Quality Project

In 2015, high levels of lead were found in the water supply in Flint, Michigan. This problem occurred because Flint, in an effort to save money in April 2014…

Who We Are

We are a group of chemists and others, who have at heart the vision of a better world using the resources and expertise of the global chemistry community and its networks.

Conference Calls

Twice a month we hold a conference call to discuss topics of mutual interest and share knowledge, making it a perfect opportunity to connect with the Chemists Without Borders.

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