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Chemists Without Borders

Solving Humanitarian Problems Worldwide

Chemists Without Borders solves humanitarian problems by mobilizing the resources and expertise of the global chemistry community and its networks.

The most common problems include poor water quality, maldistribution of medicines and vaccines, and lack of chemical education. Chemists Without Borders focuses on duplicating and providing proven solutions. Entrepreneurship is built into our programs as much as possible so that those we help can become more prosperous and help others.

Recent and current projects include validation of a composite-iron-matrix arsenic-removal water filter, field verification of a low cost, low tech arsenic measurement device, provision of water filters for rural Bangladesh, and designing secondary science lab exercises for Sierra Leone.

Newsletter 25

Ebook published from Chemists Without Borders' Symposium at 2016 Fall American Chemical Society Meeting

Our symposium at the American Chemical Society Meeting in Philadelphia was a great success. The ACS has now published the 2-volume ebook they asked us to write which expands on the symposium discussions and informs readers of current work applying chemistry to benefit underrepresented communities. The print version should be available mid-2018.

Preview Volume 1; Preview Volume 2

We were also selected for one of the "Quotes of the Year" by Chemical & Engineering News:

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