On behalf of the Batoke community and RUDEC, I wish to thank you for supporting the farmers with 200 food trees.
The entire world is currently experiencing the adverse effects of climate change & global warming and Cameroon including the Batoke community is not left out. Part of the solution to address the climate crisis is to plant trees and not just trees but trees which are beneficial to people such as food growing trees.
With your support we were able to provide 200 food trees specifically; 100 avocado, 50 bush mango and 50 bitter Kola to the farmers in Batoke and in the next few years this trees will provide food for the growing Batoke population while reducing the impact of climate change.
The news of your support came to us as a surprise and thanks to facilitation from Dr. Rolande Hodel of AIDSfreeAFRICA we were able to receive the support and deliver the project.

We are more than grateful for your generosity and leave the doors open for continuouscollaboration.