Chemists Without Borders has been run by passionate volunteers, organizers, and trustees since its establishment in 2005. The organization has greatly benefited since with the help of these committed and motivated individuals.

Steve Chambreau

Steve, who received his Ph.D. in Physical Chemistry from UC Riverside, is a Research Scientist in the Propellants Branch at the Air Force Research Laboratory at Edwards Air Force Base. Steve is a Co-Founder of Chemists Without Borders and has served as Vice-President (2005-2013), President (2013-2015) and on the Board of Directors (2005-2015). As President, he provided support and oversight to organization’s projects, was involved in membership and volunteer management, and assisted with fundraising, public relations and newsletter publications. He retired from his roles as Director and President in January 2016 but continues his support in various aspects. In his spare time, Steve teaches aikido and enjoys cycling and playing the violin. Click here to view his professional profile on LinkedIn.

Dr. Bego Gerber (Chairman)

Bego was educated at Heriot-Watt University in Scotland and has Master's and Doctoral degrees from the University of California Santa Barbara. He is Managing Director of Business Development International and is an Executive Associate accredited by the Institute for Independent Business. His expertise ranges from academic medical research to patented new product development; and from idea processing and information management, to entrepreneurial lifestyle marketing and the development of B-Quadrant businesses on the Internet. He also spent many years as a passionate court appointed special advocate for abused and neglected children. As the Chairman and Co-Founder of Chemists Without Borders he focuses on board development, fundraising, public relations and partnerships. Click here to view his professional profile on LinkedIn.

Dr. Ray Kronquist

Ray received his Ph.D. in physics from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. He worked in the semiconductor industry for eight years, three of them in Silicon Valley and five in France. The rest of his career has been spent as an entrepreneur, starting and managing companies in the semiconductor equipment, education, real estate and poverty alleviation fields. Ray joined Chemists Without Borders in September of 2014 as the Project Manager of the Bangladesh Arsenic Project. Ray has been involved with many other facets of Chemists Without Borders, and he took over the office of president from Steve Chambreau in January 2016, and continued the role until January 2021. Ray enjoys playing tennis, trail running, and caring for his twin grandsons. Click here to view his professional profile on LinkedIn.

Dr. Rolande R. Hodel

Rolande has a Ph.D. in Organic Chemistry from CUNY, Queens College, New York, and since 2009 she has been an adjunct professor at Westchester Community College, Valhalla NY. Previously, she worked as a research scientist in the pharmaceutical industry, focusing on drug delivery, specifically insulin. She is also the proud founder and president of AIDSfreeAFRICA. For this work Rolande has received three humanitarian awards, namely the US Astellas Foundation Humanitarian Award administered by ACS in 2009; the Rotary Jersey City, NJ, Legacy of Service Award for International Service 2015; and Harvard Law School “Getting to Zero” award in 2012. Rolande has been on the Board of directors of Chemists Without Borders since its inception. Click here to view her professional profile on LinkedIn.

Dr. Ronda Grosse

Ronda received her Ph.D. in analytical chemistry from the Ohio State University. She has worked as an industrial chemist for more than 25 years in laboratory and managerial roles at Dow Corning Corporation. Ronda is an active member of the American Chemical Society. She is an advocate for science education and conducts chemistry demonstrations in local schools, as well as other outreach activities. Ronda’s international experience includes scientific research in Japan and an affordable housing project in India. She is passionate about improving quality of lives by combining science and service, and exploring sustainable ways to collectively create positive change in our global community. Ronda joined Chemists Without Borders’ Board of Directors in March, 2015. Click here to view her professional profile on LinkedIn.

Dr. Robert Kurkjian

Dr. Robert Kurkjian has devoted his career to protecting the environment, reducing risks to public health, and lecturing on environmental issues in the U.S. and internationally. Robert provides litigation support, expert technical review, and strategic planning regarding chemical impacts, environmental resources management, and Brownfield redevelopment. He serves as an International Consultant and Technical Advisor to NGOs, donor organizations, and government agencies on projects in Asia, Africa, and the Former Soviet Union. Robert earned a PhD from the University of California in Environmental Geochemistry, a Master of Science Degree from the New Jersey Institute of Technology, and a Bachelor of Arts Degree in Chemistry from the University of Arizona. Click here to view his professional profile on LinkdIn.

Dr. Achal Garg

Dr. Achal Garg has worked for the City of Cincinnati for 24 years with the Division of Wastewater Treatment. As the Research and Innovation Manager, Achal developed many new and innovative technologies for the treatment, disinfection and monitoring of wastewater. Achal has received the prestigious Fulbright Scholarship award twice, a rare accomplishment; first for Namibia, Africa in 2012, and the second for Peru in 2019. He holds an Adjunct Professor position with Miami University of Oxford, Ohio, and serves on advisory committees of several universities and Water Environment Federation (WEF). He has published more than 20 research papers in peer reviewed journals and is a regular presenter at national and international conferences. Achal received his Ph.D. in environmental toxicology. Click here to view his professional profile on LinkdIn.

Project Leaders

Mohammad Mohiuddin – Bangladesh Arsenic Project
Adam Cooper & Brian Vaccaro - Climate Change Project
Bakarr Kanu – Ongley-Myers Sierra Leone Chemistry Education Project (OMSLCEP)
Sut Ahuja –Assuring Water Quality Project
Joseph Aubertin – Biochar - Drought Relief / Climate Control and Reversal


Rolande H. Hodel – AIDSfreeAFRICA
Marya Lieberman – Paper Analytical Device (PAD) Project
Julian Tyson – Arsenic in Rice Measurement

Chief Financial Officer

Rolande H. Hodel

Fundraising Team and Marketing and Public Relations Team

We have a number of dedicated volunteers who make part of these vital teams. We are always looking for committed and motivated individuals.

Would you like to join us?

Special Recognition for Extraordinary Service

A Bakarr Kanu, Abul Hussam, Alvin Menezes, Andrew Douglass, Anowara Begum, Chris Lizardi, Hadiyah Fain, Hana Hashim, Jayashankar Raghunathan, K. C. Wang, Ladan Artusy Aslani, Lois Ongley (deceased), Madolyn Murray, Michael Schur, Nazneen Khanam, Nina Paquette, Onofrio (Nuch) Palazzolo, Poornima Rangaswamy, Ray Kronquist, Rolande Hodel, Ronda Grosse, Rusty Myers (deceased), Satinder Ahuja, Shahena Begum, Tony Ennenga.

Significant Contributors

A K M Munir, Abigail Luminarias, Adam Cooper, Adity Shayontony Das, Adrian Barranco, Alan Smith, Alec Wodtke, Alivelu Duvvuri, Allan Smith, Alyssa Adcock, Amber Wise, Amolik Kakade, Andrea Phillott, Andrei Lopatenko, Andrew Guenthner, Ankit Vij, Ankita Shastri, Anuj Upadhyay, Aquila Hopkinson, Audrey Reid, Babu Rahman, Baibai Kamara, Bart Simmons, Breeze Outhwaite, Chathuri Weerasinghe, Christina Storm, Colin Scholes, Conrad Bergo, Danella Rugile, Daniel Lent, David Kemper, Debbie Andres, Dennis Kyne, Dev Mandal, Devayan Mandal, Dhruti Shah, Doug Molitor, Ed Lo, Ehsan Alam, Emilia Barros, Eric Yee, Eve Zoebisch, Farzaneh Abhari, Frances Pai, Franco Cabrerizo, Gary Deboer, Gayatri Atchanta, Gayatri Kumari, Gilbert De Gregorio, Glenna Drisko, Harunur Rashid, Heather Morrison, Heidi Doak, Henry Shinefield, Howard Peters, Isabel Chiu, Jason Shweiri, Jean-Claude Bradley (deceased), Jeffrey Hurst, Jennifer Farinha, Joan Chang, Joan McMahon, Joe McKay, John Cihonski, Johnathan Neshiwat, Joseph Aubertin, Joseph McKay, Josh Kearns, Josiah Bjorgaard, Julian Tyson, Kabir Kamran, Kasturi Kulkarni, Kate Ahern, Katherine Lanigan, Kathleen Webb, Kiki Lin, Kola Akinade, Kristin Mandia, Ksenia Afonicheva, Lacey Cluff Brent, Laura Asiala, Linda Smith, Linda Spremulli, Logan Ray, Louis Ciabattoni, Madeleine Plumer, Mairi-Christine Oliver, Marco Masia, Mark Berard, Mary Mase, Margherita Pucino, Marya Lieberman, Meera Hira-Smith, Meghann Mouyianis, Meghann Murray, Mengling Jia, Mia Crager, Michael Cina, Michael Matson, Minji Kim, Miranda Gallagher, Montse Perez, Nazli Bano, Nicholas Azad, Nicholas Fragola, Nicolas Gaboriaud, Nikki Rowe, Noreen Akhtar, Patrick Wang, Peter Ravenscroft, Peter Sohn, Priyanka Gupta, Rachel Pokrandt, Rafi Rafiyu, Raj Kumar, Randy Logan, Reem Hannun, Rene Kathawala, Richard Lyman, Ronelly bem GarciaTaborite, Rose Capistran, Rudy Baum, Sahima Khan, Sara Aronchick, Sara Schneidmiller, Sarah Murray, Sasha Dimova, Sasha Kozlov, Serkan Kabak, Shalini Sharma, Shawon Barua, Smrithi Srinivasan, Solomon Ray, Sonia Shorif, Steve Malvey, Sucharit Neogi, Sumayea Shafiul, Susanne Kennedy, Suzanne Marks, Tadeusz Wysocki Jr, Teddi Ann Galligan, Terry Lemons, Tom Lane, Tom Paquette, Upul Ranaweera, Vadim Baigildin, Vanessa Hoang, Victoria Watkins, Violeta Sevillano, Vy Nguyen, Werner Haag, Zann Gill.